How to prepare ‘Zucchini Noodles’

Have you ever felt the urge to eat a plate of spaghetti, or better yet, have you ever had the  urge to eat a huge bowl full of spaghetti?  Now add the fact that carbs can be your enemy when you are trying to watch your waist line and the carb reduction diet you are so dedicated to is now torture without pasta in your life.  Well the good news is there are alternatives and zucchini noodles are a delicious detour to curbing the carb craving…can’t beat that right?  Here is a simple way to prepare zucchini noodles and all you need to add is a little creativity.  Try some tequila lime marinated shrimp with an avocado puree, or whip up some pan seared chicken breast with fire roasted corn tomato salsa with a dollop of zero fat greek yogurt and cilantro?  #yum!!!


How to make delicious zucchini noodles:

1 tablespoon olive oil (or sesame oil)

1 pound of zucchini

1 teaspoon of chef’s shake seasoning


Heat olive oil in a large saute pan

Add seasonings and zucchini noodles to pan

Stir for 3-5 minutes until noodles are tender

Serve 🙂

Use a spiralizer  or julienne slicer to to make the zucchini noodles… easy peezy



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