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I have been coming to LipoLaser of West Chester, Inc. for over two years and I am very happy with the MicroCurrent Facials and LipoLaser effects on my body. I have noticed significant improvements and I will continue my once a month maintenance schedule indefinitely. The center offers other services which I plan to try in 2014 given how happy I have been so far. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxing, the staff are extremely competent, knowledgeable, and professional. It is obvious a lot of thoughtful care and research has gone into make the center so state of the art and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to look and feel great without downtime and without spending many thousands of dollars on expensive cosmetic procedures.  Individual Results May Vary

Karina R.

Wonderful! I LOVE my MicroCurrent sessions! I feel like Cinderella only midnight doesn’t ever have to come. They are painless and effective. It has made a big difference in my life. And I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.  Individual Results May Vary

Mary H.

I went here a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Already in just two weeks they have changed my whole lifestyle, motivated me to keep going, and gave me a huge boost in self-esteem with the results I have received. If you have not tried this yet. Please do! It is wonderful.  Individual Results May Vary                                     

Mark S.

This is the first time I have ever felt the need to write a review for any business. However, LipoLaser of West Chester took so much time and caring attention with me, and I feel I owe this to them, and other people who are looking for something like this. LipoLaser of West Chester is brilliant. The employees are there for you from the time you walk in the door, until its time to check out. They sat me down, and set up a unique plan to fit my goals. Then they followed through with it by providing the results it took to achieve my goals. The lead technician is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. Not only is he educated in this field, but he has both a science and medical background. Not only can he tell you how to do this well, but he can explain, scientifically why and how it works. They brought me to my target goal of 6 1/2 inches lost in just a little over a month and a half time. If it wouldn’t have been for this wonderful business, and the wonderful group of employees that work there, I wouldn’t be able to keep my 20 year career in the armed services. Thank you LipoLaser of West Chester, you gave me my life back!!  Individual Results May Vary

Jeffrey K.

I had never heard of anything like this before. I saw a discount for it online, and I thought I would give it a shot. I went here and had my face done. I did something called MicroCurrent Facial. Basically, this gives you a non-invasive face lift. Guess what, it worked!!! I saw a huge difference in my face after just one visit. I will be coming here for a long time. Say good bye to all those horrible wrinkles, fine lines, and no more loose skin! I feel like I have my youth back! Simply incredible without any pain too! Thank You LipoLaser of West Chester! You guys are absolutely amazing!!!!!  Individual Results May Vary

Joan K.

LipoLaser of West Chester is AMAZING! They give top notch customer service, friendly and professional staff, and quality services with results! It doesn’t get any better than this. I think the other reviews on here are either on here by mistake and meant for another company, or they are put on here by the competition. LipoLaser of West Chester, Inc. gives much more than just LipoLaser services. They also focus on health, wellness, nutrition, eating right, and exercise. They tell you the truth about what to expect, and then they exceed those expectations! I will be a customer here for years to come, and I look forward to it.  Individual Results May Vary

Becca S.

Results are incredible, and the customer service is exceptional. I will be here for a long time! The staff can actually explain everything they do down to the science that makes the process work. I will never go any where else ever again. All other similar businesses in this area are a sham, LipoLaser of West Chester, Inc. is the REAL deal! Individual Results May Vary

Tara C.


“I was really impressed by the level of service and the quality of the treatment.”

Individual Results May Vary


“I couldn’t have been treated any more nicer. It’s very comfortable, not time consuming and definitely will be able to see a difference. I’m glad I tried it and hope many others give it a try.”

Individual Results May Vary


“It was awesome!”

Individual Results May Vary


“Haven’t had treatments yet but starting today an am very excited! The initial consultation was informative and everyone there was SUPER friendly. I really liked it even though I haven’t even started yet. Makes me excited for the whole process.”

Individual Results May Vary


“These guys are EXCELLENT! they treat me well, offer great services, and continually bring in new products for people to try. Abby & Brandon make a great team.”

Individual Results May Vary


“Very clean. Friendly staff. Very knowledgeable about their treatments. Very nice overall.”

Individual Results May Vary


“The staff members are friendly. A nonjudgmental mental environment, would definitely recommend going here if you are looking to do laser lipo. I have had one treatment and am already seeing results. (But you have to eat right and workout to Maximize your results!)”

Individual Results May Vary


“Great Staff and knowledgeable. Make you feel welcome.”

Individual Results May Vary


“The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. It has been a pleasurable experience and would recommend it to anyone.”

Individual Results May Vary


“I would most definitely recommend LipoLaser of West Chester! The staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and VERY helpful. I really liked the consultation class which lasted about an hour, it was for all of the new comers to educate us about the services offered. I found that having the small group like class, allowed us women and some men, to discuss things with each other, and for those that were to shy to speak up and ask questions, this became the perfect platform for someone else to ask the question. I left there with a feeling of knowing exactly what and why I wanted a specific service, and after speaking with some of the other ladies, they felt the same way, very comfortable. I can’t wait for my actual first visit which is this week! These people are professional, and it shows in the time they take to educate their customers! I will be a future customer for sure!”

Individual Results May Vary


“The results were wonderful, the people were great! Overall a wonderful experience! Thank you!!

Individual Results May Vary


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